Friday, 15 April 2011

Sample 7 - reverse face

Thought this looked interesting too!

Sample 7

Strands of tubular knitted cotton yarn inserted into the seams then plaited, twisted, bowed, stuffed with dowels, hex nuts, pipe cleaners and beads and knotted. Also threaded through beads created with twisted wire and pipe cleaners.

Samples 5 and 6

Sample 5 - strips decorated with cable stitch inserted in the seam

Sample 6 - four fabrics sewn together with reversed seams revealed by stepping the bottom edge of the sample. Seams distressed with wire brush.

Samples 3 and 4

Sample 3 - three strands of yarn included in the seam

Sample 4 - torn strips of fabric included in the seam.

Samples 1 and 2

Sample 1 - fancy yarn placed in the seam

Sample 2 - four fabrics with seam facing upwards and distressed with wire brush.

Working notes pages 4 and 5

Working notes pages 2 and 3

Working notes page 1

Module 2 Chapter 8