Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Decorating the inside of the box…

I decided to further embellish the inside of the box with spirals done with stencilling, foiling and gilding..

1.Page 18

2.Page 19

3.Page 20

Box clever-3209


Box clever-3215

Box clever-3218

Box clever-3223

Box clever-3227

Box clever-3229

boxed cleverer-3236

boxed cleverer-3248

boxed cleverer-3266

And with “glowing edges”

boxed cleverer-3266 glowing edges

and “find edges” filter in exclusion mode  - Photoshop

boxed cleverer-3266 find edges exclusion

A bit more about lots of different types of spirals…

4.Page 21

5.Page 22

6.Page 23

7.Page 24

8.Page 25

9.Page 26

10.Page 27

11.P[age 28

12.Page 29

13.Page 30


14.Evaluation 1

15.Evaluation 2

and a bit of extra Health and Safety information

16.Health and safety with irons