Saturday, 17 September 2011

Module 2 Chapter 10


‘Piecing’ – a method of cutting and seaming

Paper Method

Starting with black and white strips of paper glued together side by side – then cut and re-arranged several times to create new patterns:-

5 stages:-

2.Page 1

Diagonal strips cut from Stage 2 and glued to paper then Stage 2 pattern cut horizontally and re-arranged and then stage 3 pattern cut diagonally and the pieces swapped around:-

3.Page 2

Stage 3 pattern cut horizontally, strips re-arranged in the Fibonacci series, then glued together vertically:- looks like it’s curving around to the left…

4.Page 3

Fabric Method

Like the paper samples with strips of black and white fabric seamed together but larger pieces – 30 ins X 6ins.

Marked into 3 sections 1:2:3 – in the Fibonacci series and the 1 section cut off and retained.

3 diagonal cuts made in the remainder of the sample and then re-arranged and seamed.

3 more cuts made then one piece retained.

The rest of the sample was repeatedly re-seamed and cut.

  • Seams placed outwards
  • Some seams sewn with other seams open and some with them closed
  • Some cuts diagonal – some horizontal and some vertical.

The jeans foot was used to help sewing over the thick seams and finally the 2 retained portions were sewn back on the sample to show the gradation from the original stage through the partially re-pieced stage to the final really ‘seamy’ part. The seams were then fluffed up a bit with a wire brush.





And finally me working at this module!