Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Module 2 Chapter 9


The Golden Section – Fibonacci – sized squares

arranged in a spiral….

2.Page 1

Worked in papers

3.Page 2

Designing with the Fibonacci Sequence

1 and 2.

4.Page 3

3.Strips of ‘Fibonacci size’ arranged with Fibonacci sized spaces..

5.Page 4

4.Black card and printed card:-

6.Page 5

5.Cut with vertical gaps

7.Page 6

6.No gaps but flipped alternate strips:-

8.Page 7

7 and 8.New block with 5 strips and another one the same above – using envelope papers – then cut vertically and staggered…

9.Page 8

9.More strips but arranged as in the Courthouse Steps formation

10.Page 9

10.Strips cut diagonally and

11.Using a series of squares from the Golden Section

11.Page 10

12. Doesn’t all need to be squares and rectangles – a triangular version:-

12.Page 11

2 together…

13.Page 12

Then coloured papers added:-

14.Page 13

Fibonacci grids placed horizontally and vertically and alternate shapes filled in with pencil…

15.Page 14

Now in curves – Fibonacci radii…

16.Page 15

Then random curves cutting through a Fibonacci sequence:-

17.Page 16

And the evaluation:-