Sunday, 25 March 2012

Chapter 12

1.Title Chapter 12

Working notes pages 19-22

2.Working notes page 1

3.Working notes page 2

4.Working notes page 3

5.Working notes page 4

Half-sized shapes made from calico and stuffed…



2. 4-sided pyramids

2.4-sided pyramids







6.Pentagonal pyramid

6.Pentagonal pyramid

7.Pentagonal pyramid base

7.Pentagonal pyramid base

8.Reverse pentagon

8.Reverse Pentagon

Doorstop design sheet..

14.Design Sheet top

15.Design Sheet bottom

Working notes pages 33-35

16.Working notes page 5

17.Working notes page 6

18.Working notes page 7

Templates..twice the size of the samples – these will need to be increased further in size considerably for the finished piece…

19.Full sized templates

Joining the pieces – paper exercises

Looking at how the surfaces link together

20.Joining the seams top

21.Joining the seams bottom

I’m thinking the sides of the pentagonal pyramid doorstop could have horizontal stripes either as these may be more practical than the vertical ones at the apex of the pyramid.The doorstop will have to be tall enough to be easily lifted which may result in too large a base on the pentagon – in which case I will modify it to a 4-sided pyramid possibly.

The top of the shape will probably have all the apexes of the sides gathered together at the top with braids etc hanging down and possibly a carrying handle.

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