Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Chapter 2–Making Simple 3D Shapes

I cut different shapes from corrugated card - rolled them up and glued them to make 3D spirals: -

1.Viv's Box-2306

2.Viv's Box-2333

3.Viv's Box-2338

4.Viv's Box-2343

5.Viv's Box-2345

6.Viv's Box-2351

I made a box to present and store them in out of ‘Stitch N Shape’ fabric decorated with papers and fabrics bonded with ‘Misty Fuse’ - a delicate fusible webbing: -

7.Viv's Box-2246

8.Viv's Box-2248

The brown spotty paper was used as the backing layer: -

9.Viv's Box-2249

10.Viv's Box-2250

11.Viv's Box-2251

12.Viv's Box-2255

Lots of shapes cut from sweet wrappers bonded to paper: -

13.Viv's Box-2259

14.Viv's Box-2262

Alayer of chiffon scarf was bonded to the top: -

16.Viv's Box-2265

17.Viv's Box-2268

Top of the box – each side stitched round twice with satin stitch then sides butted up together and stitched with zig-zag: -

18.Viv's Box-2269

A layer of orange cotton Gingham fabric was bonded to the inside – the ‘Stitch N Shape’ is fusible on both sides: -

19.Viv's Box-2271

The outside of the box: -

20.Viv's Box-2272

Details of the faces: -

21.Viv's Box-2273

22.Viv's Box-2274

23.Viv's Box-2275

24.Viv's Box-2276

25.Viv's Box-2278

The front flap was left open to display the shapes – the side is held in place with the lid: -

27.Viv's Box-2292

28.Viv's Box-2324

29.Viv's Box-2325

30.Viv's Box-2326

31.Viv's Box-2327

32.Viv's Box-2328

33.Viv's Box-2329

34.Viv's Box-2283

Working notes – Page 13: -

Page 13

Page 14: -

Page 14

Page 15: -

Page 15

Page 16: -

Page 16

and Page 17: -

Page 17

My evaluation of the chapter: -

1.evaluation 1

2.evaluation 2

3.evaluation 3

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Catherine said...

I love your box Viv and the bright colours of your 3D spirals really cheered me up in a cold snowy day in the north east of Scotland! What a hard job you had eating all those sweets to free up the wrappings for your spirals - that's real devotion!