Sunday, 16 March 2014

Module 3 Chapter 4



2.Page 62

3.Page 63

4.Page 64

5.Page 65

6.Page 66

7.Page 67

8.Page 68

Machine stitched samples

Sample 1

Whip stitch on dyed cotton fabric:-

9.Sample 1 - Whip Stitch

Sample 2

Twin needle, satin stitch and 2 threads in the same needle on dyed cotton fabric:-

10.Sample 2 - Twin needle, Satin stitch and 2 together

Sample 3

Twin needle zig zag on dyed silk twill:-

a) Forward face of fabric:-

11.Sample 3a - Twin needle on silk twill - forward face


b) Reverse face of fabric:-

12.Sample 3b - Twin needle on silk twill - reverse face

Sample 4

Straight stitching on habotai silk:-

13.Sample 4 - Habotai silk - straight stitch

Sample 5

Cable stitch on dyed cotton with 3 different threads on the bobbin:-

14.Sample 5 - Cable stitch - 3 threads on bobbin

Sample 6

Couching linen thread on dyed cotton fabric:-

15.Sample 6 - Couching

Sample 7

2 threads in one needle on dyed cotton fabric:-

16.Sample 7 - 2 threads in one needle

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18.Page 70

19.Page 71

The machine stitched samples:-

20.Contact sheet


21.Evaluation page 1

22.Evaluation page 2


pascale said...

Glad to see you "back" Viv. I especially love the reverse side of sample 3

Viv Estill said...

Thanks Pascale - loving your toggles and buttons too !

Catherine said...

Wow! Love your samples Viv! You have done such a wonderful variety of machine stitching I feel quite guilty that my samples were so sparse. I love your French knot helix in your hand stitching.

Harry Parker said...

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