Monday, 31 October 2011

Chapter 11–further design exercises leading to fabric samples - pages 58-70

1.Title page
Paper strips using a different tonal effect to show design elements
2.Page 1
3.Page 2
4.Page 3
5.Page 4
and combining more than one block:-
6.Page 5
7.Page 6
8.Page 7
9.Page 8
10.Page 9
11.Page 10
Identical squares cut together and the shapes re-arranged in various patterns…
12.Page 11
13.Page 12
14.Page 13


Kentish Maid said...

Hi Viv
These look really interesting. I'm just about to do this chapter, and you've given me some really good ideas about sourcing patterned paper, as I'm very short of the paper I printed way back at the beginning of the module.

ferinn said...

Some lovely effects and a great range of papers.