Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stitched fabric samples based on these designs

1. ‘Gingham’ Fabric

Worked with a triple needle – 3 rows of stitching for each band.

Front face

1.Gingham fabric - 3 rows of triple needle straight stitching in each line

Reverse face

2.Gingham fabric - reverse side of fabric

I quite like he effect of both of these

2.Using decorative machine stitches

On fabric printed in Chapter 6 with thickened Procion dye using glue on foam board:-

3.Printing with thickened Procion dye (glue on foam board)

I used machine pattern 656 (Bernina 550QE) – using default settings of 5.50 width and 1.40 length to make lines of stitch:-

4.Stitch 656(550QE) default w and d(5.5 and 1.4) top t 3

and then altered the length to 4.00:-

5.Stitch 656(550QE)5.5w 4.0l

I think I like this one better – more movement and less busy.

Then I tried stitching the long and short stitches in a grid:-

6.Stitch 656 grid default and long


then just the long stitch the same way:-

7.Stitch 656 grid long

I think these are quite effective – good to se the stitches in both directions – I like the second one better again.

Then I tried the wavy stitch number 17 and used white Perlé thread on the top – increased the stitch length to to 3 – used a 0.5 inch gap  measured with the graduated seam quide:-

10.Wavy stitch 17 white

and the reverse face -

11.Wavy stitch 17 white reverse face(loopy)

I was trying to create a similar effect to the envelope paper I used in the designs -

9.Paper for wavy stitch

and did the stitching again on the marled grey fabric but using an additional row of variegated Perlé between every other row -

12.Wavy stitch 17 variegated

The reverse face is interesting too -

13.Wavy stich 17 variegated reverse face(loopy)

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